What is the Arch to Arc?

The Arch to Arc is a mega-triathlon from Marble Arch in London to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. It involves an 87 mile ultra-marathon run from London to Dover, a 21mile swim across the English Channel and then a 181mile bike ride from Calais to Paris. When it is raced in a relay format it is classically done by 6 individuals doing an hour of exercise and then 5 hours off. Vickie and I will be the first 2 person team to attempt the Arch to Arc and we intend to break the 40hour barrier which will challenge some of the fastest 6-person relay teams. To make it even more unique Vickie will do the entire 87mile run, I will do the Channel swim and we will relay the bike ride (got to play to our strengths, plus I don't like running).

Saturday, 15 August 2015

We made it!!

Vickie ran for 14hrs and 14minutes from London to Dover, we had a nearly 5hour delay waiting for the tides to catch us up and then I swam for 9hours and 8minutes across the English Channel. Our boat then took the best part of two and a half hours to get up to Calais where Vickie started cycling and we rotated roughly every hour until we arrived in Paris 12 hours and a half hours later for  total time of 43 hours 18minutes. We'll do a proper write up shortly but here are a few pictures in the meantime:

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