What is the Arch to Arc?

The Arch to Arc is a mega-triathlon from Marble Arch in London to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. It involves an 87 mile ultra-marathon run from London to Dover, a 21mile swim across the English Channel and then a 181mile bike ride from Calais to Paris. When it is raced in a relay format it is classically done by 6 individuals doing an hour of exercise and then 5 hours off. Vickie and I will be the first 2 person team to attempt the Arch to Arc and we intend to break the 40hour barrier which will challenge some of the fastest 6-person relay teams. To make it even more unique Vickie will do the entire 87mile run, I will do the Channel swim and we will relay the bike ride (got to play to our strengths, plus I don't like running).

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

We are set to go!

Tomorrow at approximately 9am Vickie will head off from Marble Arch for the start of the 87mile run to Dover. She will hopefully arrive in Dover in the very early hours of Friday morning. The projected swim start is 3am Friday morning and all being well I will be finished, 21 miles later, by around midday or soon after. We will then start the 181mile bike ride into Paris. If we can maintain a half decent bike time we should be cycling into the Arc de Triomphe before sunrise on Saturday morning. You can follow our entire journey on this GPS link.


  1. Extraordinary challenge & achievement in the making. Alex and I just tracking from a cool bar in Liverpool. Family Evans also following at home, and Dad wondering if he & mum might be there at the finish in Paris.

  2. Tried to post last night when I think Vickie was nearly at Dover! So amazing what you're both doing & great to be able to track your progress. Bizarre to think that as I'm walking the dogs in Prestbury, Ollie is swimming the channel-it must be freezing! Good luck for the rest of it, I know you guys will nail it. Look forward to seeing you when you're back. Xx

  3. Absolutely FANTASTIC Achievement ! Congratulations !

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